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That awaits one more Second hand Flip Obstacle With @DIYDanie!

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Do it yourself Danie stunned me with a Facebook market discover to turn right into something valuable for my house. Simply WAIT up until you see this expose!

“””” D I Y D A N I E.

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“””” P R O D U C T S.

Right here are several of the included items I utilized in this video clip (associate web links)!

” H O M E I M P R OV E M E N T.

DAP Instant Wood Adhesive:
DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive:
DAP Plastic Wood-X:

Check out the devices I make use of to develop my material right here:

“””” C H A P T E R S.

” V I D E O E Q U I P M E N T.

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00:00 -01:43: Intro.
01:44 -04:34: Planning With Danie.
04:35 -08:18: Thrift Shopping On Facebook Marketplace.
08:19 -10:02: Planning My Thrift Flip.
10:03 -12:10: Demo’ing The Cabinet.
12:11 -15:44: Reinforcing The Cabinet.
15:45 -18:15: Priming & Painting.
18:16 -25:34: Building The Top & Custom Touches.
25:35 -30:58: Project Reveals!


“””” F O L O W M E.

This task is funded by my AMAZING pals at DAP Products. D I Y D A N I E.

Purchase Buddy Build pal to clothing with use DIY friendsDo it yourself

C H A P T E R S.

00:00 -01:43: Intro.