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Haunted House Rescue – AMAZING RESTORATION of Filthy Table- Odie’s Oil Furniture Restoration #ASMR

A client dropped this off at my workshop and said “it’s yours if you want it or I am taking it to the landfill.” Apparently it was her Great Aunt’s and now that she had passed. they were clearing out her house and property. This coffee table was covered with layers of dirt after being stored in an out building for over 10 years. It smelled of fertilizer and dirt. As she walked out the door she commented, “Oh it may be haunted.” She said ” when I was a child we used to say that the out building where it was stored was haunted.”
As I stripped off the dirt and removed the finish I came to realize that it was made of gorgeous cherry wood! It was solidly built by Broyhill. I wanted to really show off that beautiful cherry wood so I decided to use Odie’s Oil for the first time.
Watch the video to see how it is applied and the AMAZING RESULTS. I wish you could run your hand over it. The Odie’s Oil left a buttery smooth finish! Wow! It is gorgeous.
On a side note- nothing creepy has happened at my workshop so far but then weird things are always happening so it would not surprise me if they did!

This entire video has no spoken words- only shops sounds.

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