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Shinagawa Tenobe Udon, Lemon Mochi, and Japan Richest City’s Recycle Furniture Store Ep. 358

I saw Recycle Furniture shop run by city government for my brand-new home. It’s in Minato City, among the wealthiest city in Tokyo, so I believed I can discover low-cost as well as great furnishings, nonetheless,,, Eating Tenobe Udon (Meat as well as Yam) at Shinagawa Station, Seasonal Lemon Mochi also! Do not fail to remember to subscribe for even more Japan Interesting points !!
Let’s Keep Walking!.

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Video clip Timeline.
0:00 Intro.
0:15 My Tokyo Apartment Now.
3:01 Shinagawa Station to Recycle Furniture Exhibition (How to visit Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau ).
8:20 Furniture Exhibition in Minato City.
12:48 Shinagawa Station.
15:00 Tenobe Udon at Suizan.
18:57 Seasonal Lemon Mochi at Shinagawa Station.
23:49 Unboxing Mistery Gift from Australia.

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